Percepción y significados asociados a la calidad de vida en pacientes hemato-oncológicos

María Jesús Ríos-Quezada, Claudia Cruzat-Mandich

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Introduction: The impact of the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer causes a number of psychosocial responses in the patient that vary in degree of importance and which are related to various personal and clinical variables. Including anxiety and depression, social difficulties, labor difficulties, lack of energy and feelings of loneliness and vulnerability. Objective: To understand the meanings associated with quality of life and emotional symptoms in hematooncology patients. Method: 7 patients were interviewed admitted to chemotherapy in Hematology Oncology unit at the Hospital of the Universidad de Chile (HCUCH). Prior informed consent, using purposive sampling, semi-structured interviews to selected patients were performed. Data were analyzed according to the procedures of Grounded Theory. Results: Patients perceive a significant deterioration in the quality of life from the disease during treatment, however, there would be improvements in their overall perception of quality of life and health status as well as well as emotional symptoms at one year. Conclusions: The importance of the redefinition of their experience as well as environmental and personal factors and clinical variables of their disease.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPerception and meanings related with the quality of life in hemato-oncology patients
Idioma originalEspañol
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PublicaciónRevista Chilena de Neuro-Psiquiatria
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2015

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  • Cancer
  • Hemato-oncology
  • Quality of life


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