Impact of information technology and knowledge sharing on circular food supply chains for green business growth

Pervin Ersoy, Gülmüş Börühan, Sachin Kumar Mangla, Jorge Hernandez Hormazabal, Yigit Kazancoglu, Çisem Lafcı

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Rapid and dynamic changes in environment, technologies, consumer behavior, policy making, and climate are putting extra pressure to food supply chain, especially in terms of efficiently manage food security, food surplus, food loss, and waste. These changes directly affect food supply chain negatively. Thus, transition into more circular approach for green business growth in food supply chains is a necessity. One way to reduce this negativity is to ensure the share of information along the chain. With this context, sharing information and knowledge among the food supply chain can facilitate practices from a circularity and green perspectives. Hence, this research focuses on understanding and revealing knowledge-sharing networks challenges, barriers, and benefits across every food supply chain layer, presenting tangible contributions to improve traceability in circularity perspectives with refuse, rethink, reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, repurpose, recycle, and recover challenges. Therefore, and to provide a green business growth, this study examines the practice of knowledge sharing among real-life industry food stakeholders in the meat sector regarding their dimensions, what type of knowledge is shared and whether there are differences among specific groups of food stakeholders for the knowledge sharing. The aim of this research is to generate a validated conceptual framework to reveal how information technologies contributes to a more efficient knowledge sharing practices, hence, to impact the enhancement of efficient circular food supply chains for green business growth.

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PublicaciónBusiness Strategy and the Environment
EstadoPublicada - jul. 2022
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