Cartas a un editor: La correspondencia de marta brunet a samuel glusberg en la década del veinte

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This paper goes through the unpublished letters from Marta Brunet to Samuel Glusberg during the twenties in order to examine the self-management strategies the author exhibits in them and that partly determine the reception of her writing in transnational circuits. It is postulated that in these "editorial letters" (Mosqueda 2018) there is an exchange between two intellectuals who consider themselves writing professionals in their respective cultural fields, which allows a symmetrical collaboration, without involving the insertion strategies traditionally used by Latin American woman writers of the first half of the 20th century (Fletcher 2004), as Brunet herself did in Chile before publishing her first novel Montaña adentro. Although Brunet trusts certain mediations on Glusberg for the dissemination of her work in Argentina, the editor also relies on her as a kind of correspondent who has an expert opinion on local writers, can provide press clippings for the reception of his own editions in Chile and personal impressions about literary figures and events.

Título traducido de la contribuciónLetters to an editor: Correspondence from marta brunet to samuel glusberg during the 20s
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  • Editorial letters
  • Marta Brunet
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