Applications of Anammox based processes to treat anaerobic digester supernatant at room temperature

Jose Vázquez-Padín, Isaac Fernádez, Mónica Figueroa, Anuska Mosquera-Corral, Jose Luis Campos, Ramón Méndez

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The supernatant of an anaerobic digester was treated at 20 °C in two systems. The first one is a two units configuration, conformed by two sequencing batch reactors (SBR), carrying out partial nitrification and Anammox processes, respectively. Partial nitrification was achieved by granular biomass with a mean diameter of 3 mm, operating at a dissolved oxygen concentration of 2.7 mg/L. The combined system allowed the removal of nitrogen loading rates around 0.08 g N/(L d). Afterwards, Anammox biomass was spontaneously developed in the inner core of the nitrifying granules of the SBR and therefore, partial nitrification and Anammox process were carried out in a single unit. Once the stable CANON process was established, a mean nitrogen removal rate of 0.8 g N/(L d) was registered. The settling velocities of the granules ranged from 70 to 150 m/h with sludge volumetric index values lower than 50 mL/g VSS during the whole operation.

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PublicaciónBioresource Technology
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2009
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