Sarmiento y Martí en los EE.UU: Imaginarios de la modernidad

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The following paper pretends to review the experiences in the US of two Latinoamerican intellectuals during the nineteenth century: the Argentinean Domingo Faustino Sarmiento and the Cuban José Martí. The texts produced by these travellers will be analyzed as paradigmatical cases in the configuration of an imaginary of modernity constructed from a Latinoamerican point of view, where a transition is produced between modernity seen as what is desired and modernity seen as an experience that is lived, then portrayed and finally criticized. We shall examine the texts of voyage as attempts of appropriating a space where a certain narration of the foreign and what is own is structured; being through an utopical projection that attempts to appropriate a role model or through a confrontation with the foreign where the character takes the risk of being invalidated or devoured by an scenario that surpasses the margins of his experience of the world.

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StatePublished - 2008
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