A precessing and nutating jet in OJ287

Silke Britzen, C. Fendt, G. Witzel, S. J. Qian, I. N. Pashchenko, O. Kurtanidze, M. Zajacek, G. Martinez, V. Karas, M. Aller, H. Aller, A. Eckart, K. Nilsson, P. Arévalo, J. Cuadra, M. Subroweit, A. Witzel

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We re-analyzed OJ287 in 120 Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA, MOJAVE) observations (at 15 GHz) covering the time span between Apr. 1995 and Apr. 2017. We find that the radio jet motion over the sky is consistent with a precessing and nutating jet source. The variability of the radio flux-density can be explained by Doppler beaming due to a change in the viewing angle. We suggest that part of the optical emission is due to synchrotron emission related to the jet radiation. We find a strikingly similar scaling for the timescales for precession and nutation as indicated for SS433 with a factor of roughly 50 times longer in OJ287.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)250-251
Number of pages2
JournalProceedings of the International Astronomical Union
StateAccepted/In press - 2020
Externally publishedYes


  • BL Lacertae objects: Individual (OJ 287)
  • galaxies: Jets
  • techniques: Interferometric


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